Chika Takabayashi
born in Japan, live and work in Berlin, Germany

She completed her first Bachelor of Design in Japan. After she turned her focus to the visual arts and completed her second Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis on 'Monumental Art’ in Holland. In 2010, she moved to Berlin, Germany. Since then she works as a visual artist and stage designer, mostly for the contemporary dance company Dorky Park by Constanza Macras, as well as prop maker. With her own work she participated in renown exhibitions, artist residencies and festivals in Europe.
Takabayashi’s art work reflects her work as a stage designer. Her multimedia work is mainly three-dimensional, often an installation for a specific space. She creates her work with a large range of materials and media such as paper, ceramics, textile, plastic, wood, food, also sound. However yeast, baked and unbaked bread-dough reappears in a variety of shapes and installations of amazing size and is her preferred medium. The shapes of her sculptures and objects are diverse, yet often remind us of (prehistoric) creatures. It is life itself, that is Chika Takabayashi’s main topic.

Academic Background

1999-2003 Aichi Prefecture University of Fine Art and Music JP
2004-2007 AKI / Artez Academy of Fine Arts and Design NL

Residency Program

2009.12–2010.03 EKWC European Ceramic WorkCenter,’s-Hertogenbosch NL
2008.03-.04 Kunsteyssen, Alkmeer NL


2016.07 The 6th international Sokolovsko festival of Ephemeral art/ Sokolovsko, PL
2013.09 EYES ON / EYES OFF/ Roselux, Berlin DE
2012.08 Garage Art 2012/ Project by Natulis Group AG, Berlin DE
2012.06 24 Stunden-Stipendium/ Kunst Raum in Bethanian, Berlin DE
2012.05 Lovely Wildness/ BKC-Ruimte 31a, Roosendaal NL
2011.11 Sculpture and Drawings/ WEIN GALERIE, Berlin DE
2011.08 2011 Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale 20011
2010.05 Happy Fruits/ Firma Van Drie, Gouda NL
2009.04 P.S picture* international mail art project
-------/The Klodzko land museum, Klodzko PL
2008.04 Dürer war auch hier
-------/PAN kunstforum niederrhein, Emmerich am Rhein DE
2008.04 Animal-like/ Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar NL
2007.09 artolive jong talent 07 / cultuurpark westergasfabriek, Amsterdam NL


2011.08 2011 Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale 2011
-------/International competition (catalog)